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FBISD will make final decision next week on delaying on-campus learning for up to 4 weeks

September 3, 2020 "It’s been really difficult to be able to make decisions, firm decisions, that can be long-term because we don’t know what’s going to happen from week to week," Tassin said. On Wednesday night, she and her FBISD school board colleagues approved a preliminary plan to delay in-person learning for up to four more weeks so they can "resume in a phased approach." Tassin said she's prepared to send her own high schooler back. “I personally feel like it’s time to start phasing back and getting back and letting parents choose for their own children,” Tassin said.
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FBISD board president receives Hero for Children award

March 6, 2018 Read More »

Governor Abbott Appoints Kristin Tassin To The Continuing Advisory Committee For Special Education

May 10, 2018 Read More »

Governor Abbott Appoints Seventeen To The Continuing Advisory Committee For Special Education

December 15, 2017 Read More »

Senate committee passes bills on private school choice and school finance study

July 21, 2017 Abigail Tassin, a 17-year-old Fort Bend ISD student with Down syndrome, asked legislators not to pass the bill, instead urging them to focus on improving public schools' resources for kids with disabilities. "I want to be with everyone else," she said. "Help my teachers be able to help me better." Read More »

Fort Bend Chamber Hosts 'An Inside Look: School Boards with Kristin Tassin'

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Senators passes newest version of so-called 'school choice' bill

July 21, 2017 Kristin Tassin and her three daughters traveled to Austin Friday to speak in front of the Senate Finance Committee. Her 17-year-old daughter Abby has Down Syndrome "We have had to fight for her to get the basic services are required by law,” said Tassin. She's always been in public schools, and struggled. "Abby was also abused by a teacher, in the sixth grade, so we've endured quite a lot, she's endured quite a lot,” said Tassin. Read More »

Fort Bend ISD's School Board schedules listening and literacy tour

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OpEds by Kristin

I am not an 'educrat': an open letter to Dan Patrick

Jan. 20, 2017 Contrary to what you may believe, not all of us who represent Texas public schools (not the buildings, but the actual children who attend) are liberals or "educrats," as you referred to us in your speech to the Texas Public Policy Foundation on Jan. 11. Most of us are parents, many with conservative views and values, who ran for the school board or got involved in our school districts in order to improve education and make a difference for the children in our communities and across the state of Texas. Read More »

School finance is dead. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick administered the poison.

May 25, 2017 Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick claims in his latest news release that he is “appalled that the Texas House” would reject the Senate’s version of House Bill 21, a major piece of school finance legislation. What’s really appalling is how the Senate mutilated the school finance bill as soon as it had the chance. Read More »

Tassin: School finance is dead. Dan Patrick poisoned it

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How Gov. Abbott's voucher plan hurts disabled kids

July 17, 2017 As the Texas Legislature gears up for a special session next week, Gov. Abbott made it clear he wants lawmakers to pass vouchers for children with disabilities. The theory is that by providing public funding for a private education, vouchers will provide parents a "choice" in how to best educate their child. Read More »

Commentary: Dan Patrick’s school ‘reforms’ are a lesson in hypocrisy

Sep 25, 2018 Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick rose to power through the tea party — a movement that stands for conservative values of personal freedom, local independence and local control of schools and curricula. Patrick’s latest list of education “reforms” — none of which made the cut for him in the regular session — directly contradict these values. Read More »